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Vladimír Seman

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Coca-Cola | SK | 2022 | Screen Time | 15s | 16x9


In 2010, during college, I gladly helped my classmate who was recording inquiries for regional radio, where he was working part - time at that time. However, I helped him more than necessary, and when his superiors found out that the same voice still appeared in his recordings, they fined him. And I was invited to an audition. And thus began my career with the microphone.

- 2010-2012 - Rádio KISS, anchor

- 2012-2014 - Rádio VIVA, editor

- 2014-2019 - Rádio Slovensko, RTVS, anchor, editor

- 2019-2020 - Rádio VLNA, anchor

How it works?

You send text, I send recording

And all in professional quality. By agreement, on the same day. In case you would like to have control over your project even during the recording, we can arrange a Skype / FaceTime conversation and you can direct online!


During my career in various radios, I had the opportunity to try out all types of professional microphones. I was surprised that even a high-quality microphone doesn't have to fit on every type of voice. I have found that the best microphone for me is Sennheiser MKH 416. You can hear it in the most famous Hollywood movies and it is used for professional production all over the world.

A perfectly soundproofed studio is a matter of course. My hardware includes a sound card from Universal audio. I use programs Adobe Audition, Logic pro X and UAD, Izotope and FabFilter plugins to work with sound.

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Thanks for submitting!

One step before you go

If you are interested in my work but still considering female voice for your project, I can recommend you talented Slovak female voice-over artist.  

Click on the button to view her website. 
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